Steel Fixing Introduction

Steel fixers shape and fit the steel bars or mesh structures that are used to reinforce concrete in construction projects. They read building plans to determine what materials are required for a particular job and set out the materials that they are going to use. Steel fixers cut and shape steel bars, and weld, wire or clip structural steel materials into place. They also fabricate other reinforcing structures such as beams, footing pads or other special units. Steel fixers work all around the state on both large and small construction projects, from building new houses in our suburbs, to erecting schools, hospitals or other large buildings in our regional towns and remote areas.

Knowledge, Skills and attributes

  • Physical fitness, strength and stamina
  • Manual and practical skills
  • The ablility to follow instructions well
  • The ability to work at heights
  • To be able to work as part of a team
  • To be safety conscious

Tools and Technologies

Steel fixers use a variety of hand and power tools, including industrial wire or bolt cutters, guillotines and power saws. They work with steel rods, bars and mesh structures, as well as also working with concrete They also use welding gear to weld steel structures into place. As they sometimes work at heights they also use ladders, scaffolding and elevated work platforms. They are also required to wear safety gear such as helmets, work boots and harnesses. They may also use hydraulic jacks and tensioning mechanisms to test their work.